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The Course Highlights

17 Levels

Every level includes video and audio lessons, workshops, group practice, assignments etc...

Video and Audio Lessons

Audio lessons are very important in this course, 4 sessions of audio lessons in every level 1. introduction 2. practice 3. conversation 4. interaction session. All sessions are interesting and very effective.

Online Trainer Support

There will be a trainer in every level to guide and support your learning.


Here you can speak,record and practice whatever you learn in the audio lessons and prepare yourself to speak with others or in the group.

Group Practice

Here you speak in the group, practicing in the group boost your confidence of speaking, trainer and other students will also be in the group.

Group Discussion

Discussion on different topics in a group makes you to speak English effortlessly.

Global English Club

You can join this club only after completing the 17 levels. Here you will meet thousands of fluent English speaker and you can have many interesting activities like audio drama, debate etc.

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@ Rs. 84/month

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