Speaking in English fluently is every bodies dream, English is essential all over the world, Non-English speakers always eagerly search for a best English speaking course online or just english speaking course near me. But most of the time they get disappointed by either their poor quality or the high price. So, we the directors of global academy launched a online spoken English course with online trainers, live classes group discussions, conversations with other members and also with guest members who speaks English fluently and many more activities. The course is Global spoken English course.

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What GOSEC Contains

One Year

17 levels

Audio Lessons

Audio & video lessons workshop & assignments

Video Instruction for Each Lessons

Personal profiles & 1000s of co learners

4 Easy Sessions

Live classes


Group practice & discussions

Voice Recording Feature

Online trainer Support

Certificate of Completion

Certificate of completion

Online Trainer Support

Live Chat


We Assure, You will be Speaking Fluently in English

We provide best experience of online English learning for basic to advanced learners, provide the job for the best english teachers as work from home job. basically our company from Mangalore karnataka but since it is an online english course we have members from all over the globe join the course now put your attendance and start the course from pre level 1 and our trainers will make you to speak english fluently. We also provide work from home teachers for who searches for online American spoken English course or advanced spoken English course. Also we provide free english speaking course for financially poor students. our motto is to provide the best spoken English course for an affordable price..

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Speak English from Day 1 and Practice Till you Speak English Fluently and Confidently.

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