The Titanic disaster has become the most famous shipwreck in world history. And, even though its causes have been more or less reliably established, there are still several theories claiming that the giant cruise liner sank not because of a collision with an iceberg. Alas, the skeleton of the ship lies deep at the bottom, and its study is not an easy task. Let’s get acquainted with the most reliable facts about this event that are known at the moment.

Facts about the wreck of the Titanic :

* From 1985 to 2010, 17 expeditions were made to the wreckage of the Titanic, more than five thousand objects were raised to the surface-from personal belongings of passengers to a 17-ton piece of skin.

* There were various projects to raise the sunken ship to the surface, but in the end, it was decided to abandon all of them.

* The first flight of the Titanic turned out to be the only one and the last for him.

* For decades, it was believed that the liner sank entirely, but more recent studies have shown that it broke in two. Its bow and stern parts lie on the bottom at a distance of 600 meters from each other.

* The most likely reason why the iceberg that sent the Titanic to the bottom was not noticed in time is that the ice block was overturned. As the underwater part of the iceberg melts, it decreases, and as a result, a giant piece of ice can turn “upside-down”. At the same time, the darker (and therefore less noticeable) underwater part turns out to be at the top, Director James Cameron, who shot the world-famous film about this shipwreck, dived several times to the wreckage of the Titanic in a bathyscaphe.

* The first film about the “Titanic” was shot less than a month after the disaster, and the main role in it was played by an actress who survived the shipwreck.

* After the collision of the Titanic with an iceberg, the deck of the ship was strewn with snow and ice, which many passengers perceived as an unexpected trick and began to play football with fragments of ice, not even suspecting about the nightmare that had come.

* According to statistics, 74% of women and 20% of men survived the crash of the Titanic.

* News about the real situation with the survivors and dead passengers remained a mystery to the rest of the world for several days, and the first newspapers even reported that all passengers and crew members survived the crash of the Titanic.

* There were catastrophically not enough boats after the crash, but still some of them left due to panic, being only half full.

* The construction of the Titanic cost 7.5 million dollars (a monstrous amount by the standards of those years) and took three years.

* At the time of construction, the Titanic was the largest passenger ship in the world, its length was 268 meters, and the weight at full load reached 46328 tons.

* The liner was sinking to the music. The band stood on the deck to the last and played a church hymn to cheer up the people around.

* Russian Mir deep-sea vehicles were submerged to the vessel in 1991 and 1995. The Titanic lies at a depth of about 3.8 km.

* None of the ship’s 30 mechanics survived. They remained in the engine room and kept the steam engines running as long as possible so that the rest of the passengers could be saved.

* “Titanic” he could stay afloat when four internal compartments were flooded in a row, but six of them were damaged on a fateful night.

* Except “Titanic”, no liner in history has ever been sunk by an iceberg.

* UNESCO has been waiting for a hundred years to declare the wreck of the Titanic an object of cultural heritage, for such cases, this organization has a special convention.

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