How to Greet people.


Greeting people is very common in English, Learn how to greet someone properly and in a simple way.

Here are some tips to greet people.



Good Morning

Good morning/morning/very Good morning

Good evening

Good evening

Good afternoon

Good afternoon

Good night

Good night

Good Bye

Good Bye

Excuse me (request)

Yes, please

Thank you

You are welcome/no mention/its ok/Thank you very much

Please (request)

Its ok

Pleasure to meet you

Same here

How are you?

1 am Fine / good /1 st class /fine and what about u

How are things?

Going good, Well, thank you Very well Not very good, Not too bad

What's up (man/dude/bro/their name)

Nothing. Yourself?, Good. How are you?

How is everything?


How's everything going?

Good, What about you

Nice talking to you

Nice talking to you too

Have a nice day

Thanks., You too,

Take care,

Thanks., You too,

See you tomorrow, See you soon


Good day

And good day to you.




Wish you a happy married life.

Birth day

Wish you a very happy birth day Many many happy returns of the day

New house

Congratulations on your new home

New job

Good luck with the new job, Congrats.

New car

Congrats on getting new car.

Passing out/death

My condolences to you and your family.

Completing a project




Confirmation of a marriage proposal


Passing exam

Congratulations, on passing your exam.

Starting a Business

Best wishes for success in your new


Good luck

Job promotion

Congratulations, Hope this is just your first step towards success.


Safe and Happy journey, enjoy

Admitted in a hospital being ill.

Get well soon



New born baby

Congrats on new arrival, Congrats on the first arrival of your new baby boy (girl)! May your son (daughter) fills your life with joy and love!


Congratulations on your graduation


Best of luck for your exam Good luck in your exam. Do well

Hindu Festivals

Krishna Janmashtami:

Happy Janamashtami May god krishna

bless u all.


Wish you a very happy Diwali Dasara

Wish you a happy Dasara.

Christian festivals

Wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year.

Muslim festivals

Wish you a happy Eid-mubarak

Coming back

Welcome back home / to India

Baby naming ceremony

Congratulations on such a beautiful baby, hope he/she grows up to be just as loving as his/her parents.

Valentines day

Happy valentines day

Mothers day

Happy Mother's day

Greeting a person you haven't seen for a long time - See more at

It has been a long time. It's been too long.

Where have you been all these years?


Congratulations for your retirement and Wish a happy retired life.


Congratulations, you both are made for each other.

A common greet to congratulate in any occasion,

Congratulation, Wish you all the success.

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